C++ solution Easy to understand with comments and explanations.

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    Renewed Solution

    The main point is that if there are 2 more nodes (which is a pair) following, then swap them, otherwise, end the process.

    bool SwapHelper(ListNode *p)
        if (p->next and p->next->next)
            ListNode *n1 = p->next;
            ListNode *n2 = p->next->next;
            p->next = n2;
            n1->next = n2->next;
            n2->next = n1;
            return true;
        return false;
    ListNode *swapPairs(ListNode *head) 
        if (!head) 
            return nullptr;
        // Create a head Node
        ListNode new_head(-1);
        new_head.next = head;
        ListNode *p = &new_head;
        // While has two more node and swap succeeded
        while (SwapHelper(p)) 
            p = p->next->next;
        return new_head.next;

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    very readable and easy to get. The addition of the head node is a blight point of the solution.

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    very easy to understand!

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