[Python]Didn't pass & don't know why

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    my first solution is quite understandable
    '''class Solution(object):
    def findDisappearedNumbers(self, nums):
    for x in range(1, nums[-1] + 1):
    if x in nums:
    return nums'''
    "run code"shows fine,but when i submit it shows " Runtime Error Message: Line 4: IndexError: list index out of range",clearly i don't think my code has this problem,could u guys tell me what's wrong?
    my second solution are here
    return [x for x in range(1, len(nums) + 1) if x not in nums]
    still,didn't pass and shows TLE,don't know why

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    So when you do nums.remove(x), the list nums is shortened. But the for loop won't stop until index x reaches the end of the range, which is out of range of the shortened nums.

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