Java 156 ms solution, recursion with cache

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    I suppose the run time should be O(n^2*k), n is the average length of words and k is number of words?

    public List<String> findAllConcatenatedWordsInADict(String[] words) {
            Set<String> dict = new HashSet<>();
            for (String s: words) dict.add(s);
            Map<String, Boolean> canform = new HashMap<>();
            List<String> res = new ArrayList<>();
            for (String s: words) {
                if (check(s, canform, dict)) res.add(s);
            return res;
        private boolean check(String s, Map<String, Boolean> canform, Set<String> dict) {
            if (canform.containsKey(s)) {
                return canform.get(s);
            } else {
                for (int i = 1; i <= s.length(); i++) {
                    String pre = s.substring(0, i);
                    if (dict.contains(pre)) {
                        String post = s.substring(i);
                        if (dict.contains(post) || check(post, canform, dict)) {
                            canform.put(s, true);
                            return true;
                canform.put(s, false);
                return false;

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    The worst case time complexity is O(n^3 * k), because substring() cost O(n).

    But it is still a very good method to improve from simple DP due to the cache.

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