Easy, very straight-forward, 8 Line [Java]

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    public class Solution {
       public int islandPerimeter(int[][] grid) {  
       int ans = 0;
       for(int i=0; i<grid.length; i++)
         for(int j=0; j<grid[0].length; j++)
    	  if(j-1==-1              || grid[i][j-1]==0) ans++; //left
    	  if(j+1==grid[0].length  || grid[i][j+1]==0) ans++; //right
    	  if(i-1==-1              || grid[i-1][j]==0) ans++; //up
    	  if(i+1==grid.length     || grid[i+1][j]==0) ans++; //down
       return ans;

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