Wrong with test case?!

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    Isn't there something wrong with the following test case?

    • [-10,-4,0,0,6]
    • [3,5,6,7,8,100]
    • 10

    The expected output is:

    • [[-10,3],[-10,5],[-10,6],[-10,7],[-10,8],[-4,3],[-4,5],[-4,6],[-4,7],[-4,8]]

    While my output is:

    • [[-10,3],[-10,5],[-10,6],[-10,7],[-10,8],[-4,3],[-4,5],[-4,6],[0,3],[0,3]]

    Isn't my output more "correct", since it has lower sum than that given by the system expected output?

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