Missing test cases with duplicated concatenated words ["cat","dog","catdog", "catdog", "catdog"]

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    @administrators Since the problem does not specify whether there will be duplicated words in the given vector<string> words, I intentionally to run customized test cases where there are duplicated concatenatable words, e.g., ["cat","dog","catdog", "catdog", "catdog"]. Apparently, the result is expected to have the same concatenatable word duplicated same times as it is in the list:

    However, the code submission is accepted. So I suggest to add the test case above for completeness.

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    @zzg_zzm Thanks for raising this. I don't think duplicate words in the dictionary makes sense, because the same word in the dictionary can be reused multiple times. I will refine the problem description to mention the list does not contain duplicates.

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