Be sure to use "order by id"

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    There is a hidden trap: there is no default record ordering in mysql. So if we say "numbers that appear at least three times consecutively.", we better to add "order by id" here.

    My solution:

    select 0 Num from dual where (@pre := null) is null and (@count := 1) is null
        union all
    select distinct t.Num from (select * from Logs order by Id) t
    where (@count := if(@pre = t.Num, @count + 1, 1)) > -1 and (@pre := t.Num) is not null and @count = 3
        union all
    select 0 from dual where (@pre := null) is null and (@count := null) is not null;

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    I think you need the order by because of your generic solution. This is the easiest medium problem, so I would think 3 joins is an acceptable solution here, which orders correctly. Can you please explain how yours work or point to the documentation.

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