Confused about ranking/scoring

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    Hey guys - this is my first contest and I'm just a bit confused about how the scoring works. I initially received scores for Q1 and Q2 (Score of 8). I submitted solutions for Q3, but got TLE since I used memo instead of tabulation. This morning I checked again and I received scores for Q3 but lost Q1 and Q2 marks. Can more experienced members tell me the ranking system work?


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    I think that you should not modify the ranking in an official contest. It is totally unfair, to allow challenges received after the contest is finished, to affect the leaderboard. You should add these challenges to the official test cases in the practice arena, but should not modify the results. Once you provided the accepted verdict it should not change in an official contest. Such things are good for practice.

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    I agree. For question 1, if I had known that an O(n) solution was required, I would've spent more time searching for that solution. 3 easy points gone. I hope the admins pick up on this post.

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