My accepted python solution with O(nm) time complexity and space complexity

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    Haven't seen much discussion in python solution, so I share mine here.
    This solution is based on the bottom-up solution of dynamic programming, I create another m*n matrix and use it to record the minimum hp required to rescue the princess from each room. The detailed code with comment is shown below:

    class Solution:
        # @param dungeon, a list of lists of integers
        # @return a integer
        def calculateMinimumHP(self, dungeon):
            m = len(dungeon)
            n = len(dungeon[0]) if m>0 else 0
            min_hp = 1  # we need at least 1 hp to make knight alive
            # record matrix: save the minimum hp required to enter each room and reach princess
            record = [[0 for i in range(n)] for i in range(m)]
            record[m-1][n-1] = min_hp if dungeon[m-1][n-1]>0 else abs(dungeon[m-1][n-1])+1  
            # when the bottom-right room contains a number less or equal than zero, the hp required 
            # to save the princess successfully is the absolute value of this number plus 1, 
            # otherwise it's min_hp which equals to 1 
            # set up the last row of the matrix backwardly
            need = record[m-1][n-1]
            for i in range(m-2,-1,-1):
                record[i][n-1] = need = max(min_hp, need-dungeon[i][n-1])
            # set up the last column of the matrix backwardly
            need = record[m-1][n-1]
            for i in range(n-2,-1,-1):
                record[m-1][i] = need = max(min_hp, need-dungeon[m-1][i])
            # fill the matrix from dungeon[m-2][n-2] to dungeon[0][0]    
            for i in range(m-2,-1,-1):
                for j in range(n-2,-1,-1):
                    need = record[i][j+1] if record[i][j+1]<record[i+1][j] else record[i+1][j]  
                    # move down or right - according to which direction has lower value
                    record[i][j] = max(min_hp, need-dungeon[i][j]) 
            return record[0][0]

    One thing to notice is by limiting the lower bound value at min_hp, we will only focus on the recent negative path and get rid of far away positive number naturally. For instance, both dungeon [[-10, -5, 35]] and [[-10, -5, 100]] will result in [[16,6,1]] since we don't mistakenly take into consideration the previous big positive number like 35 and 100.

    record[i][j] = max(min_hp, need-dungeon[i][j]) 

    Anyone also play this with python and want to share some ideas?

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