C++ iterative (stack, O(n^2), "0ms")

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    For me, the trick is to keep a stack of TreeNode** instead of just TreeNode*. That way a leaf node can be deleted without needing an explicit reference to it's parent.

            vector<vector<int>> findLeaves(TreeNode* root)
                vector<vector<int>> res;
                if (!root)
                    return res;
                vector<TreeNode**> stack;
                // Each pass executes a dfs and deletes the leaves.
                while (root)
                    vector<int> leaves;
                    stack.assign(1, &root);
                    while (!stack.empty())
                        auto node = stack.back();
                        if ((*node)->left || (*node)->right)
                            // not a leaf
                            if ((*node)->left) stack.push_back(&(*node)->left);
                            if ((*node)->right) stack.push_back(&(*node)->right);
                        else {
                            // 'delete' a leaf by setting it to null
                            *node = nullptr;
                return res;

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