The usual algorithm, in Swift 3, can't beat TLE

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    I've written a solution in Swift 3, as follows:

    class Solution {
    	struct Pairs {
    		var hash = 0
    		var strings = [String]()
    	func groupAnagrams(_ strs: [String]) -> [[String]] {
    		var grams = [Pairs]()
    		for s in strs {
    			let hash = String(describing: s.unicodeScalars.sorted()).hashValue
    			if let ix = grams.index(where: {hash == $0.hash}) {
    			} else {
    				let g = Pairs(hash: hash, strings: [s])
    		let arr ={$0.strings}
    		return arr

    Despite trying the utf8, utf16, and characters variations on unicodeScalars when computing the hash value, I can't get the run time to beat TLE. I suppose this might simply be a condemnation of string processing in Swift's comprehensive use of Unicode, but I more suspect I'm simply missing something important. Anyone have a good idea to suggest?

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