Hint for true O(N) solution

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    You can make your solution expected time O(N) by implementing expected O(1) isPalindrome() and using it in a DP algorithm similar to what have been already proposed.
    The hint is to use hashing like in Rabin-Karp string matching.
    With O(N) space you can create hashes of all prefixes of the string and hashes of all suffixes (with a hash computed in a reverse direction). This data structure will allow to retrieve a hash of any substring of the string in O(1) time as well as a hash of the substring in a reverse direction. This will allow to quickly prove that specific substring is not a palindrome and fall-back into expensive checking only if hashes match.
    If you select a really good hash function you can even rely on the hash-based comparison only and construct a potential answer in pure Theta(N) time and only at the end check if the answer is a palindrome. If it is palindrome then it must be the longest one, if not then you can re-start algorithm with strong verification of palindromes.
    By making hash function parameters randomized you prevent constructing the worst case of the whole algorithm, making it expected O(N) time.

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