Why should we up/down vote some posts/replies?

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    You should do up-voting to take participation in the Leetcode Discuss community and basically up-voting should function for the following reasons:

    • learn something from the post/reply, and you wanna express your thanks;
    • just share the same thoughts with the post/reply, and you wanna confirm it;
    • many other reasons discussed in Quora


    Also we need down-voting to discourage the bad posts/replies which are:

    • misleading
    • wrong
    • off-topic

    Your voting will affect the posts/replies, the reputation of post-ers/repliers and in the end the overall community.

    Up/down voting whenever is necessary. Always be gentle and responsible to make Leetcode Discuss a better place for us all.

    Thank you as always!
    Best regards!

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