Swift, DFS, using map to erase duplicates

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    Is there a better way to do this without using map? I solve it yet the runtime is not so fast.

    class Solution {
        var resultMap = [String:[Int]]() // save items as "122" for key, [1,2,2] as value; 
        func subsetsWithDup(_ nums: [Int]) -> [[Int]] {
            var tmp = [Int]()
            dfs(nums: nums, idx: 0, tmp: tmp)
            var result = [[Int]]()
            for rlt in resultMap {
            return result
        func dfs(nums: [Int], idx: Int, tmp: [Int]) {
            var getTmp = tmp
            getTmp.sort(){$0 < $1}
            var key = ""
            for digit in getTmp { // make int as str key;
                key += "\(digit)"
            // then put into result, already removes duplicates:
            resultMap[key] = getTmp
            for i in idx..<nums.count {
                dfs(nums:nums, idx: i+1, tmp: getTmp)

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