Explain why this answer is wrong?

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    why is this answer wrong? KUL is lexicographically smaller than NRT. My comparator is ->

        Comparator<String> cmp = new Comparator<String>(){
            public int compare (String o1, String o2) {
                char[] c2 = o2.toCharArray();
                char[] c1 = o1.toCharArray();
                for(int i = 0; i< c1.length;i++) {
                    if(c1[i]<c2[i]) return -1;
                    else if(c2[i]<c1[i]) return 1;
                return o1.length()-o2.length();

    I have also seen other solutions where

    1. an itinerary of 1 ticket is allowed.
    2. shorter itinerary succeeds over longer itinerary (entire reason i used bfs with sorted array in lexicographic order was to achieve this...)

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    @stephensjlee Same here, my solution correctly returns that 2-city itinerary. The test case is wrong although it is correct to check for loops because they complicate everything.

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