How can you guys be so fast on Nim Game (C++)

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    Here is my code, and i think it is similar to most of the answer.

     bool canWinNim(int n) {
        return n % 4 == 0 ? false : true;

    but when i subscribe the runtime

    You are here! 
    Your runtime beats 5.50% of cpp submissions.

    but i didn't see some others solution that differs from mine? So what's wrong?

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    You can check for whether any number is divisible by 2 or 4 or 8... (any power of 2) by doing bit manipulations which are super-fast. A number divisible by 2 will always have last bit = 0, divisible by 4 will have last 2 bits 0, divisible by 8 will have last 3 bits 0 etc...

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