C++ 269 ms: How can I improve the code?

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        bool canCross(vector<int>& stones) {
            if(stones.size()<2) return false;
            if(stones[0]!=0||stones[1]!=1) return false;
            if(stones.size()==2) return true;
            vector<set<int>> stepSize(stones.size());
            for(int i=1;i<stones.size();i++) {
                bool hasNextStep = false;
                int minStep = *stepSize[i].begin();
                int maxStep = *stepSize[i].rbegin();
                for(int j=i+1;j<stones.size();j++) {
                    int deltaStep = stones[j]-stones[i];
                    if(deltaStep<minStep-1) continue;
                    if(deltaStep>maxStep+1) break;
                    if( stepSize[i].find(deltaStep)==stepSize[i].end() && \
                        stepSize[i].find(deltaStep+1)==stepSize[i].end() && \
                        stepSize[i].find(deltaStep-1)==stepSize[i].end()) continue;
                    if(j==stones.size()-1) return true;
                    hasNextStep = true;
                if(!hasNextStep) return false;
            return false;

    BTW, if the test cases have been updated, will the previous submission solutions be tested and updated their runtime?

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