Simple Python DFS solution with memoization

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    DFS implementation with only 3 step sizes allowed. range(max(step-1, 1), step+2) is used to just avoid step size 0 for the initial case.

    class Solution(object):
        def canCross(self, stones):
            s, end, d = set(stones), stones[-1], {}
            return self.helper(0, 1, s, end, d)
        def helper(self, curr, step, s, end, d):
            if (curr, step) in d:
                return False
            elif curr+step == end:
                return True
            elif curr+step not in s:
                return False
            for i in range(max(step-1, 1), step+2):
                if self.helper(curr+step, i, s, end, d):
                    return True
            d[(curr, step)] = False
            return False

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