Straightforward Python DFS solution w/Comments

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    class Solution(object):
        def numIslands(self, grid):
            :type grid: List[List[str]]
            :rtype: int
            numIslands = 0;
            #loops through each cell and starts searching if the cell is land
            #every encounter with a land that is a 1 not a -1 is the start of new island
            #I use -1 to mark the land as seen
            for i in range(len(grid)):
                for j in range(len(grid[i])):
                    if grid[i][j] == "1":
              , i,j)
                        numIslands += 1
            return numIslands
        def search(self, grid, i, j):
            #return if the current index is out of bounds
            if i < 0 or i >= len(grid) or j >= len(grid[i]) or j < 0:
            #return if the current cell is not land
            if grid[i][j] != "1" :
            #marking cell as seen
            grid[i][j] = "-1"
            #recursively search left, bottom, right, and top directions
            #--this will exhaustively search all the adjacent lands and mark them as seen
  , i - 1, j)
  , i, j - 1)
  , i + 1, j)
  , i, j + 1)

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