Simple 36ms C++ solution

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        vector<int> findSubstring(string s, vector<string> &words) {
            if (words.size() < 1) return {};
            using SiMap = unordered_map<string, int>;
            SiMap um;
            for (string &word:words) um[word]++;
            int sz = words[0].size();
            vector<int> result;
            vector<SiMap::iterator> v(s.size()); // if we don't allow extra memory, we can just rehash the substring from ilookback
            for (int istep = 0; istep < sz; ++istep) {
                SiMap bs;
                for (int j = istep; j < s.size(); j += sz) {
                    auto found = um.find(s.substr(j, sz));
                    int ilookback = j - (sz * (words.size() - 1));
                    if (found != um.end()) {
                        v[j] = bs.find(found->first);
                        if (ilookback >= 0 and bs == um) {
                    if (ilookback >= 0 and v[ilookback] != SiMap::iterator()) {
            return result;

    The idea is simple, we basically shift the window of lookup as if we were looking for a substring. each iteration we add a slice to the end, and simultaneously remove the slice from the beginning (think the window as a queue with fixed size) into the window and check if the window of our substring satisfies constraints (correct number of words)

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