Poor Pigs -- Add a constraint

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    I get the problem's related to pascals triangle. However, I recommend adding a sentence placing a constraint on how many pigs can sample a bucket simultaneously. I can have all 44 (I assuming the right answer) pigs drink simultaneously and then they'll be all dead w/in the 1hr block.

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    I do agree that this problem needs clarification since it doesn't explicitly specify exactly what we could do with pigs to determine the poison bucket. However, the goal is to design a feeding solution such that you can guarantee to find out the poison bucket solely based on each pig's dead/alive status. So the problem is converted to how to design a feeding process to generate as many dead/alive combinations as possible.

    Unfortunately, as I have read some posts here, the problem actually allows a pig drinks as many buckets as you want simultaneously, which is not realistic. I guess the problem itself is still interestingly challenging, but picked a bad story to tell.

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