Test Case Seems Wrong

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    I think the following test case seems incorrect. This test case seems to be picking a recently "set" item over a less recently "get" item for eviction.

    set 1,1
    set 2,2
    get 2
    get 1
    get 2
    set 3,3 <-- 3,3 is now more recent than 2,2 or 1,1 (However, the test case seems to be imply the opposite.)

    Or am I missing something?


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    Among 6 operations (set and get) to get your cache full before evict, '3' is accessed one time. Thus, it will be evicted when you set 4,4

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    It's a LFU(Least Frequently Used) cache and ur output show me that u deal the problem as a LRU(Least Recently Used) cache.

    When the key 4 is setted, the key 1 has been used twice, the key 2 has been used three times and the key 3 has been used only once, so we delete the key 3 to add the key 4 to the cache.


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    @Mxxx Oh. Ok. You are correct. I was thinking Least Recently Used, not Least Frequently Used. My bad. Thanks.

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