O(1)-time O(1)-space

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    Why wasting space and time for such simple question ? :) Here's O(1) time / O(1) space solution which generates precise answer.
    This is based on the fact that fibonacci numbers series grows exponentially with the golden ratio as a base.

    Update: As tutubalin correctly pointed out this is actually O(log(n)) time because of pow()

    class Solution {
        int climbStairs(int n) {
            double sqrt5 = sqrt(5.0);
            double pfi = (1.0+sqrt5)/2;
            return (pow(pfi, n+1) - pow(-pfi, -(n+1)))/sqrt5 + 0.5;

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    It is not true O(1), because pow operation is about O(log2 n).

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    Yes, you're are absolutely right.

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    I just cannot understand why the power is n+1 instead of n? Thank you.

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    I understand now. Actually, the nth number in Binet's formula is F(n-1).

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