Repeated Substring Pattern - Simple Java Solution, using KMP

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    public class Solution {
        /* KMP pattern table construction part */
        public boolean repeatedSubstringPattern(String str) {
            int n = str.length(), cur = 0, j = 1;
            int[] pattern = new int[n];
            pattern[0] = 0;
            while( j<n ) {
                if( str.charAt(cur) == str.charAt(j) ) {
                    pattern[j++] = ++cur;
                else {
                    if( cur == 0 )  pattern[j++] = 0;
                    else cur = pattern[cur-1]; /* start from beginning of current matching pattern */
            return (pattern[n-1] > 0 && n%(n-pattern[n-1]) == 0);

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    You need to describe how you got the solution and also what your solution is doing. KMP is okay, I understood that. But, can you please explain why "n%(n-pattern[n-1] "?

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    @SanD just consider two test case "abc abc abc abc" and "abc abc abc abc abc".
    first case, pattern[n-1]=9 12%(12-9)=0
    second case, pattern[n-1]=12 15%(15-12)=0;
    in fact, the input has to be in the format of above two cases to pass the test.

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    @SanD Basically he is saying, the array constructed by kmp method will contain the number of characters in prefix that match the suffix till that position. So if array[last_position] == 0 , that means there are no matching prefix , which basically means the string is not in repeated format.
    As a second point, he checks whether the length of the substring is a divisor of length of string. so he does len_of string % [len_of string - len of prefix] == 0. I think one needs to understand the logic behind kmp array construction to do via this method. Nevertheless solves it in O(N) which is good

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