Very easy java solution

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    public int sumOfLeftLeaves(TreeNode root) {
            return sumOfLeftTreeNodes(false, 0, root);
        public int sumOfLeftTreeNodes(boolean isLeft, int sum, TreeNode root){
            // if you end up here, means parent wasn't a left or it was not a right subtree
            if(root==null) return sum;
           // pre determine if its a left subtree and a leaf, so you add sum and return
            if(root.left==null && root.right==null && isLeft) return sum + root.val; 
           // collect whats from left subtree
            int leftsum = sumOfLeftTreeNodes(true, sum, root.left);
           // collect and return the right subtree sum
           return sumOfLeftTreeNodes(false, leftsum, root.right);

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