Python math solution with explanation

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        def numberOfArithmeticSlices(self, A):
            if len(A)<3:
                return 0
            count=2                                             #counter. used for calculations
            difference=A[1]-A[0]                                #initialize the difference
            for n in range(2,len(A)):
                if A[n]-A[n-1]==difference:
                    if count>=3:
                        num += (count-2)*(count-1)/2            #calculate the nth of 1,3,6,10... use formula nth=n(n-1)/2
                    count=2                                     #reset counter
                    difference=A[n]-A[n-1]                      #reset difference
            if count>=3:
                num += (count-2)*(count-1)/2
            return num
            :type A: List[int]
            :rtype: int

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