May I know Why I get a Time Exceed Limit error?

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    I got a time exceed limit error with a binary search algorithm. I am pretty sure my running time is O(logn), and I can't understand why exceeding time limit.
    and the result is:

    Submission Result: Time Limit Exceeded  More Details 
    Last executed input:

    And here is the code:

    public class Solution extends GuessGame {
        public int guessNumber(int n) {
            int low = 1;
            int high= n;
            int mid = (int)((long)low+(long)high)/2;
            int gue = guess(mid);
                    mid = (int)((long)low+(long)high)/2;
                    gue = guess(mid);
                    mid = (int)((long)low+(long)high)/2;
                    gue = guess(mid);
            return mid;

    Thank you so much!

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    @Zhen_Lian (int)((long)low+(long)high)/2; can be the problem, though I couldn't run the test for the time being (the OJ is down again, so sorry).

    • First, normally to avoid overflow we use low+(high-low)/2 instead.

    • Second, (int) whose precedence is higher than / which results in overflow of (int)((long)low+(long)high) and then you get the wrong intermediate to do division.

    So if you just change your version to the following one to retrieve the middle, you will AC.

    • (int)(((long)low+(long)high)/2);

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    Thank you so much LHearen! That really works! Your suggestion is really helpful!!!

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