How can I make the best use of LeetCode ?

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    Hi guys

    I need your advice on improving my coding skills. I'm preparing for software engineering interviews. I've read all the basic algorithms, practiced questions on trees, linked lists etc and now I'm solving questions from LeetCode. I'm struggling with it so far and I've to see editorials of most of the questions to come up with a solution.

    I'm not able to solve questions on my own. How can I improve and be able to solve them without taking the help of editorials and other resources ? So far, I've solved 25 questions.

    Thanks in advance

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    Hi, yash_vardhan

    It's quite normal to meet such a situation. According to my own case, I really think you're doing the right thing to read and do it yourself. But I have a concern about your way of doing it. Actually reading the solutions of others is great, since you can learn much from others especially some awesome guys like StefanPochmann, jianchao-li-fighter, dietpepsi and many others.

    Here is the most important thing, I think, is that you actually can understand it, can analyse it and can write an easy-understanding post to describe it.

    Step by step, you'll be like these guys with your own efforts. Good luck with your interview. By the way, Geeksforgeeks and topcoders are also very good sites which might help you with your structural understanding of a certain field.

    Have fun in Leetcode!

    Best regards,

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