C++, O(n), One pass

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    Increasing n-1 elements by 1 is similar to decreasing 1 element by 1. So we need to make all the elements equal to the minimum element.

    Initially we consider the first number as minimum. then when we encounter a number nums[i], if the number is less than the minimum so far, we add i*(mymin - nums[i) because all the previous numbers have been clipped by mymin already. so if we get a new minimum, we just have to add items upto current index multiplied by difference of the new min to the previous min.
    Otherwise we just add the difference to the sum.

    class Solution {
        int minMoves(vector<int>& nums) {
            int sum = 0, i, len = nums.size();
            if (len <= 1) return 0;
            int mymin = nums[0];
            for(i=1;i<len;i++) {
                if (mymin > nums[i]){
                    sum += i*(mymin - nums[i]);
                    mymin = nums[i];
                } else {
                    sum += nums[i] - mymin;
            return sum;

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