Simple Python beats 99%

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    class Solution(object):
        def reverseKGroup(self, head, k):
            :type head: ListNode
            :type k: int
            :rtype: ListNode
            if k<=1: return head # will not change the list if k<=1
            # create a dummy node in the beginning so that it would be easy to handle the nodes in the beginning
            start = ListNode(0)
   = head
            dummy = start 
            # will store k nodes
            temp = []
            while start:      # if current node is not None
                temp = []     # clear the array
                for i in range(k):        # if the node is not None, add it to the list. 
                    if not head: break
                    head =
                if len(temp) != k:     # if there is not enough nodes, link the first one to the last processed node. don't change the rest links
           = temp[0] if len(temp)>0 else None
                for i in range(k-1,-1,-1):      # reverse the array, link the nodes one by one
           = temp[i]
                    start =

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    But I wonder whether O(k) space is valid

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    Here comes the new version to get rid of the array. Beat 100%...

    class Solution(object):
        def reverseKGroup(self, head, k):
            if k<=1: return head
            # use dummy as well
            start = ListNode(0)
   = head
            dummy = start
            # mark the last node of k nodes (end is the actually)
            end = head
            while start:    # if start node is not None
                count = 0
                while end and count < k:   # looking for the last node
                    count += 1
                    end =
                if count != k: break  # not enough nodes, just leave them there
                #handle the k nodes between start and end (not included)
                afterStart =  # the will be the last one of the new group
                temp =  # temp is starting from the second node of the group
                last = afterStart  # last is the node before temp node
                for i in range(k-2):   # re-link the nodes in the group
                    n =
           = last
                    last, temp = temp, n
                # now the group is almost reversed. Handle the rest
       = last    # link the last node and the one before it
       = end    # link the afterStart node to the rest nodes
       = temp    # link start node to the first of the group
                start = afterStart     # move the start node, which is the one before the next group

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