Short Clear C++ solution, no set or pq.

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    int thirdMax(vector<int>& nums) {
        long long a, b, c;
        a = b = c = LLONG_MIN;
        for (auto num : nums) {
            if (num <= c || num == b || num == a) continue;
            c = num;
            if (c > b) swap(b, c);
            if (b > a) swap(a, b);
        return c == LLONG_MIN ? a : c;

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    Good work! Pretty clear!

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    hi man, I think it will not pass this test case: [1,2,LLONG_MIN],

    because that case c=LLONG_MIN (from the nums), but you code will return a

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    @shawn49 Yes. But man, the case does not exist because the input nums is a vector of int. It can't be LLONG_MIN, which is a long long type.

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    you are totally right man.

    I just understand that is why you used long long type

    Thank you

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    But this may create problems if a test-case including LLONG_MIN is included changing the datatype of the vector to long long

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