Python: DP and BFS(w/dict) solutions. They are actually the same. BFS is intuitive and can be considered as implicit DP.

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            # DP (the matrix can be reduced)
            s=' '+s
            t=' '+t
            dp=[[0 for _ in xrange(len(s))] for _2 in xrange(len(t))]
            dp[0]=[1 for _ in xrange(len(s))]
            for i in xrange(1, len(t)):
                for j in xrange(i, len(s)):
                    dp[i][j]=dp[i-1][j-1]+dp[i][j-1] if t[i]==s[j] else dp[i][j-1]
            return dp[-1][-1]
        ## BFS and dict
        if not t:
            return 0
        for i,x in enumerate(s):
        for x in t:
            if x not in d:
                return 0
            for i in res:
                for j in d[x]:
                    if i<j:
        return sum([res[k] for k in res])

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