Permutation II Time Limit Exceeded

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    Hi, I am kind of new in Java.
    I pass my C++ code in the problem, and try to use the same logic in Java code as followed,
    but get a time limit exceeded error.
    I've been tried and error a long time, but still can not figure out why.
    It would be great if someone can point out my blind spot!

    public class Solution {
    	public void permute(Stack<Integer> head, LinkedList<Integer> others, List<List<Integer>> perms)
    		if (others.isEmpty())
    		Set<Integer> used = new TreeSet<Integer>();
    		Object[] snapshot = others.toArray();
    		for (Object obj : snapshot)
    		    Integer i = (Integer)obj;
    			if (used.contains(i))
    			permute(head, others, perms);
    	public List<List<Integer>> permuteUnique(int[] num) {
    		List<List<Integer>> perms = new LinkedList<List<Integer>>();
    		Stack<Integer> head = new Stack<Integer>();
    		LinkedList<Integer> others = new LinkedList<Integer>();
    		for (int i : num)
    			others.add(new Integer(i));
    		permute(head, others, perms);
    		return perms;

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    Never mind, I've found the root cause.
    It's a bug in my code. Just add a line: used.add(i); and it all works.
    However, I still wonder why the system response a time limit exceeded instead of some more specific reason such as wrong answer...

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