Should I assume there is a header node in the singly linked list?

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    I am wondering for the singly linked list, should I assume there is a header node? Or if I was given an interview about this question, should I confirm that with interviewer?

    Because in doubly linked list, I see a more popular implementation will have a header node and a tail node, which do not contain data inside, but just to make code easier to develop.

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    When in doubt, always confirm. But specifically for the problem for which you have posted this question, its solution does not require an empty header node.

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    Yes, if a extra header node is used, submitting error will be reported. But why no header node with the standard solution? There is a header node for singly linked list by default actually.

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    I also found there is a empty header node in a book, but the OJ seems no need to header node. So, maybe in actually programming(working and studying), it is better to add a header node.:D

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    maybe you can add these line in your code:

    LinkNode *realhead=new LinkNode(0);

    (don't forget to delete it after use...though OJ won't report error


    then you can operate the linkedlist as usual!

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