Simple solution using Mathematical formula for Pascal's triangle. Beats 95%!!

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    Nth row of Pascal's triangle is given by:

    NC0, NC1, NC2, NC3,... NCN

    where NCR = factorial(n)/(factorial(r)*factorial(n-r))

    using this concept we can easily generate rows for Pascal's triangle by writing a function for finding NCR. Here is the code in Python:

    def ncr(n,r):
        Be careful about overflow while writing code for factorial.
        Numbers can get very huge very quickly.
        In here since we have to divide by other factorials, multiply only required numbers.
        if n == r or r == 0:
            return 1
        num = 1
        den = 1
        x = min(r,n-r)
        for i in range(x):
            num *= n-i
        for i in range(x):
            den *= i+1
        return num/den    
    class Solution(object):
        def generate(self, numRows):
            :type numRows: int
            :rtype: List[List[int]]
            res = []
            for i in range(numRows):
                row = []
                for j in range(i+1):
            return res

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