isMatch("ab", ".*") → true

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    How come this test case is true ?

    as . will get matched to 'a' and then * as the description says, Matches zero or more of the preceding element. In this case that is 'a'(previously matched character), so '*' shouldn't get matched to b at all.

    isMatch("aa", ".*") = true, this test case makes the right sense, I believe.

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    As far as I understand '*' after dot '.' indicates zero or more '.'. This is a common use case in regex to indicate arbitrary character in arbitrary length.

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    This means its logical interpretation is just '*' then.

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    @cipherbowen I saw different conventions in regex.
    If '.*' is the convention to indicate arbitrary chars.
    How do people represents the following pattern in such convention?
    "the same char repeated in any times "


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