why my code doesn't work???

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    why my code doesn't work???
    select d.Name as Department, e.Name as Employee, e.Salary
    from Employee e, Department d
    where e.DepartmentId = d.Id
    and Salary in (select Salary from Employee
    group by DepartmentId
    having count(Salary) <3
    order by Salary desc

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    I think it is hard to use GROUP BY when you want to query out more than one values from each group. A substitute for GROUP BY in this case could be something like this:

       SELECT COUNT(DISTINCT(e2.Salary)) FROM Employee e2
       WHERE e2.Salary >= e1.Salary AND e2.DepartmentId = e1.DepartmentId
       ) <= 3

    Two conditions, one is to count how many values there are greater than the current selected salary; the other one is to specify the group.

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