Input: 100579234, -555806774 Output: -1 Expected: 0

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    is this an error? I think 100579234/-555806774 is supposed to be -1, right? and I have tried it in python terminal

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    I have tested it, in python & cpp. They gave different result, -1 for python, 0 for cpp.

    It might be problem of languages. For this problem, we should follow the cpp/java division principle.

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    I agree. But when I follow cpp rule. The same program gets different answer from OJ and my local machine: Input: -2147483648, -1109186033
    Output: 0(OJ), 1(Local machine)
    it's really weird.

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    same here
    got different result from g++ and OJ

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    From the ANSI C draft (3.3.5):

    If either operand is negative, whether the result of the / operator is the largest integer less than the algebraic quotient or
    the smallest integer greater than the algebraic quotient is
    implementation-defined, as is the sign of the result of the %
    operator. If the quotient a/b is representable, the expression (a/b)*b

    • a%b shall equal a.

    Thus, different compilers can have different implementations and either way is correct. In a real interview, you should be fine to do however you want. And I assume interviewer will be pleased you can point out the potential ambiguous here. However, if someone says 5/-2 must equal to -2 without indicate the expected behaviour, he or she is not qualified to ask this question at all, and please don't bother joining the team.

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