Python O(kLogN+N) solution beats 100%

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    A python version of this genius solution made by @yishiluo using heap, thanks for him sharing!

    from heapq import heappush, heappop
    class Solution(object):
        def maxProfit(self, k, prices):
            :type k: int
            :type prices: List[int]
            :rtype: int
            # heap O(n+kLogN)
            n, ret, v, p = len(prices), 0, 0, 0
            profits, vp_pairs = [], []
            while p < n:
                # find next valley/peak pair
                v = p
                while v<n-1 and prices[v]>=prices[v+1]: v+=1
                p = v+1
                while p<n and prices[p] >= prices[p-1]: p+=1
                # save profit of 1 transaction at last v/p pair, if current v is lower than last v
                # this way we always chose to process the pair with hugest profit
                while (vp_pairs and prices[v] < prices[vp_pairs[-1][0]]):
                    temp = vp_pairs.pop()
                    heappush(profits, -prices[temp[1]-1]+prices[temp[0]])  # use negative profits in min heap to become a max heap
                # save profit difference between 1 transaction (last v and current p) and 2 transactions (last v/p + current v/p),
                # if current v is higher than last v and current p is higher than last p
                # this way we process the two end of this V/Ps, and if we have k left, we continue to get profit between this two end
                while (vp_pairs and prices[p-1] >= prices[vp_pairs[-1][1]-1]):
                    heappush(profits, -prices[vp_pairs[-1][1]-1]+prices[v])
                    v = vp_pairs.pop()[0]
                vp_pairs.append((v, p))
            # save profits of the rest v/p pairs
            while vp_pairs:
                temp = vp_pairs.pop()
                heappush(profits, -prices[temp[1]-1]+prices[temp[0]])
            # sum up first k highest profits
            k = min(k, len(prices)) 
            for i in range(k):
                if profits:
                    ret -= heappop(profits)
            return ret

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