Somebody please check my solution!

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    Here is my solution, but somehow this is not accepted

    SELECT Department.Name Department, Employee.Name Employee, Salary
    FROM Employee JOIN Department ON DepartmentId = Department.Id
    GROUP BY DepartmentId
    HAVING MAX(Salary)

    Can somebody explain why this is not accepted?

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    I don't know!
    But I'm having a similar issue. It'd be great if some of the more knowledgeable folks can reply.
    I don't understand why there needs to be a subquery.

    This is mine:

    select d1.Name as Department, e1.Name as Employee, max(e1.Salary) as Salary
    from Department as d1 JOIN Employee as e1 ON e1.DepartmentId=d1.Id
    Group by d1.Id

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    I think I got it.

    With the code that I posted, it only shows one person for each department even with the case when there are more than two people have a max salary.

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    Cool, yeah I had the same problem, and so needed to do a sub query. This finally worked:

    select d1.Name as Department, e2.Name as Employee, e2.salary as Salary
        from Department as d1
        JOIN Employee as e2 on e2.DepartmentId=d1.Id
            (select e1.Name as Employee, max(e1.Salary) as maxSalary, e1.DepartmentId
                from Employee as e1
                Group by e1.DepartmentId) as T
        On T.DepartmentId=e2.DepartmentId
        Where e2.salary=T.maxSalary

    Also i believe Having needs to be a conditional statement? So something like

    Having aggregate > 50 or something

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