211/212 testcases passed. Don't know what's wrong with the code

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    public List<List<Integer>> verticalOrder(TreeNode root) {
            List<List<Integer>> res = new ArrayList<List<Integer>>();
             if(root == null)
                return res;
             List<Node> nodes = new ArrayList<Node>();
             Node node = new Node(root.val,0,0,true);
             preorder(root,nodes, 0,0);
             int span = Integer.MAX_VALUE;
             for(int i=0; i < nodes.size(); i++){
                 if(nodes.get(i).span != span){
                     List<Integer> list = new ArrayList<Integer>();
                     span = nodes.get(i).span;
             return res;
        void preorder(TreeNode root,  List<Node> nodes,int span, int height){
            if(root.left != null){
                Node node = new Node(root.left.val,span-1,height+1,true);
            if(root.right != null){
                Node node = new Node(root.right.val,span+1,height+1,false);
        private static class Node implements Comparable<Node>{
            int span;
            int height;
            boolean left;
            int val;
            Node(int val, int span, int height, boolean left){
                this.val = val;
                this.span = span;
                this.height = height;
                this.left = left;
            public int compareTo(Node node){
                if(this.span != node.span)
                   return this.span - node.span;
                if(this.height != node.height)
                   return this.height - node.height;
                  return 1;
                return -1;  
    The code is based on simple sorting of all the tree nodes based on level and span(its position from left). It passes 211 testcases out of 212. I can't get it working for last testcase..
    Any help is really appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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