Easy understanding Python Solution

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    Use a dictionary to record the pattern (p), and compare with the other one, which represents each substring of length = L.

    Update the second dictionary one by one.

    class Solution(object):
        def findAnagrams(self, s, p):
            :type s: str
            :type p: str
            :rtype: List[int]
            dct = {}
            for c in p:
                if c in dct: dct[c] += 1
                else: dct[c] = 1
            L, res, tmpdct = len(p), [], {}
            for i in xrange(len(s)-L+1):
                if not tmpdct:                            # construct new temp dictionary
                    for c in s[i:i+L]:
                        if c not in tmpdct: tmpdct[c] = 1
                        else: tmpdct[c] += 1
                else:                                     # update the dictionary
                    tmpdct[s[i-1]] -= 1
                    if s[i+L-1] in tmpdct: tmpdct[s[i+L-1]] += 1
                    else: tmpdct[s[i+L-1]] = 1
                fit = True
                for k in dct.keys():
                    if k not in tmpdct or dct[k] != tmpdct[k]:
                        fit = False
                if fit: res += i,
            return res

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