Java solution using queue for k-vector

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    Similar to the solution given by @kevinhsu with a small modification in next() function. Added a check that avoids removing and adding an Iterator from the queue if it has just one element.

    public class ZigzagIterator {
        Queue<Iterator<Integer>> queue;
        public ZigzagIterator(List<Integer> v1, List<Integer> v2) {
            queue = new LinkedList<Iterator<Integer>>();
            if(!v1.isEmpty()) queue.offer(v1.iterator());
            if(!v2.isEmpty()) queue.offer(v2.iterator());
        public int next() {
            Iterator<Integer> c = queue.peek();
            int i =;
            if(queue.size()>1 || !c.hasNext()) {
                if(c.hasNext()) queue.offer(c);
            return i;
        public boolean hasNext() {
            return !queue.isEmpty();

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