Incorrect/Faulty Test Case?

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    Is one test case incorrect?

    I have:

    var rightSideView = function(root) {
        var outArr = [];
        if(root === null){
            return outArr;
        else if(root.right === null){
            return outArr.concat(root.val);
            var valArr = [root.val];
            return outArr.concat(valArr.concat(rightSideView(root.right)));

    And for testcase: [1,2]
    my output is:
    TreeNode {
    val: 1,
    right: null,
    left: TreeNode { val: 2, right: null, left: null } }

    As you can see, the right node is null, and the left node has value. Since we are only interested in the right side, I believe output should be: [1] but the test says it's supposed to be [1,2]. Is the test case incorrect?

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