Why I get a Memory Limit Access error in MinStack problem

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    Here is the code:

    class MinStack {
    stackNode top;
    public MinStack(){
    top = null;

    public void push(int x){
    	stackNode node = new stackNode(x);
    	node.min = node;
    	if(top == null) top = node;
    		node.next = top;
    		if(top.min.val < node.min.val){
    			node.min = top.min;
    		top = node;
    public stackNode pop(){
    	stackNode result = top;
    	if(top!=null) top = top.next;
    	return result;
    public stackNode top(){
    	return top;
    public stackNode getMin(){
    	if(top!=null) return top.min;
    	else return null;
    class stackNode{
    	int val;
    	stackNode next;
    	stackNode min;
    	public stackNode(int k){
    		val = k;
    		next = null;
    		min = this;


    I maintain a min pointer to the minimum value under a node.
    It works fine on some simple test case in my Eclipse, but leetcode judging system always reports a memeory limit access error

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