Java Solution using LinkedHashMap, not the fastest but it is a good use of the property of LinkedHashMap in java

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    LinkedHashMap can keep the entries in insertion order. If one character with no duplicates is found in the map, its index is the smallest one.

    public class Solution {
    public int firstUniqChar(String s) {
        Map<Character, Integer> dict = new LinkedHashMap<>();
        char[] charArr = s.toCharArray();
        for(int i = 0;i<charArr.length;i++){
                dict.put(charArr[i],-1);//use -1 to mark duplicates
                dict.put(charArr[i],i);//else store the index
        Set keys = dict.keySet();
        for(Object key:keys){
                return dict.get(key);
        return -1;

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