Share my accepted python code (1580ms), how to speed up?

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    class Solution:
        # @param start, a string
        # @param end, a string
        # @param dict, a set of string
        # @return a list of lists of string
        alphabets = "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz"
        def findLadders(self, start, end, dict):
            if start == end: return [[start, end]]
            self.pathes = {}
            for word in list(dict):
                self.pathes[word] = []
            self.pathes[start] = [None]
            self.pathes[end] = []
            set1, set2, found = {start}, set(), False
            while not found:
                if len(set1) == 0:
                    return []
                for word in set1:
                    for ladder in self.nextLadder(word, dict, set2):
                        if ladder not in set2:
                        if ladder == end:
                            found = True
                set1, set2 = set2, set()
            return self.getLadders(self.pathes, start, end)
        def nextLadder(self, word, dict, set2):
            for i in xrange(len(word)):
                for rep in self.alphabets:
                    cand = word[:i] + rep + word[i+1:]
                    if cand in dict and (len(self.pathes[cand]) == 0 or cand in set2):
                        yield cand
        def getLadders(self, pathes, start, end):
            ret = []
            if end == start:
                return [[start]]
            for ladder in pathes[end]:
                ret += self.getLadders(pathes, start, ladder)
            for path in ret:
            return ret

    use BFS and use a dictionary to store the parent string, and use sets to store current and next transformation.

    When I use list instead of set to store each transformation, it will be time limit extended.

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