A lazy method for this problem

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    Firstly, create a vector (C++ standard) with the content of the list;

    Secondly, sort the vector;

    Finally, return a list with the content of the sorted vector.

    It's very easy to implement since you can sort the vector with C++ standard function "sort".

    ListNode * creatList(vector<int> A)
        ListNode * head = new ListNode(A[0]);
        ListNode * tail = head;
        for(size_t i=1; i<A.size(); ++i)
            ListNode * temp = new ListNode(A[i]);
            tail -> next = temp;
            tail = temp;
        return head;
    ListNode *sortList(ListNode *head) {
        if(head == NULL || head -> next == NULL)
            return head;
        vector<int> vlist;
        while(head != NULL)
            vlist.push_back(head -> val);
            head = head -> next;
        sort(vlist.begin(), vlist.end());
        ListNode *h = creatList(vlist);
        return h;

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    Note that the question explicitly asks for "constant space complexity". In a real interview, this answer would dramatically decrease your chance of being hired.

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    Ok, thank you, I'll think about it seriously then.

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