My Simple C++ DP Code with Comments

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    class Solution {
        bool canPartition(vector<int>& nums) {
            int sum = accumulate(nums.begin(), nums.end(), 0);
            if (sum & 1) return false;
            int half = sum >> 1;
            vector<bool> accessibility(half + 1, false);
            accessibility[0] = true;    // '0' is always reachable
            //For all num in nums, check the accessibility from half - num to 0. 
            //If 'i' is accessible by former numbers, then 'i + num' is also accessible. (DP Algorithm)
            for(auto num : nums) 
           //Below here we must start from 'half' downto 'num', otherwise current 'num' might be multiply used. 
           //e.g.: If num == 2, then we will have 2, 4, 6... will all be accessible and lead to wrong answer. 
                for(int i = half; i >= num; i--){
                    if (accessibility[i - num] == true){
                        accessibility[i] = true;
            return accessibility[half];

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    thanks for your explanation

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    @SGM great solution! Here's my solution which uses the same "accessibility" concept. I have also written a verbose explanation to go along with my thought process. I hope this helps folks to better understand this problem and solution!...

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    your solution is really great. and easily to be understood. thank you

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