How many people thought from 1 to 8 should visit both 4 and 5?

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    I kept failing on test case 2,2
    I drew the picture on a paper and thought the answer should be (3+5)*4 + 8 = 40. But the answer 56..

    I tried several times and then started to wonder if I am stupid, or my parents are siblings.

    I bought a new android phone to ACTUALLY test it.

    Somehow I realized, based on the description, Android has a sufficiently advanced technology which provides you a directly path from 1 - 8..without touching 4 and 5....


    Good luck guys, I am trying to return this phone and get refund.

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    I was really going crazy over this. But your post made me sane.

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    Most helpful post!!!

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    upvote it and let more ppl see my tragedy..

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    @reboot329 you hit a chord my friend, my parents are first degree cousins :(

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    if I am stupid, or my parents are siblings


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    The example diagrams are misleading. Each digit should be a dot, not a box.

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    hehehe, same here

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    This is the funniest post I've seen on leetcode. Thanks for the laugh xD

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    Thanks Reboot329 !!! I was driven crazy by the test case (1,2 ) as well, as I thought it is very straightforward. Just each grid to its neighboring ones. Turns out it is not.

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